Back on March 17th I posted about Ozzy Osbourne producer and co-writer Andrew Watt contracting Covid 19. At the time, all of these skeptics came out and responded on social media. Their comments varied from “he’s young, he’ll get over it”, to “it’s an old person’s disease, nothing to worry about”, and “this is all a hoax it will blow over in no time”, etc.

At the time Watt was supposed to be working with Ozzy on his follow up to Ordinary Man. But because he became ill, the album was put on pause. I’ve had several members of my family pass away from the Covid, and know of people that have contracted it, and have taken several months to get close to what they consider normal. So I personally, don’t think it’s a hoax.

As per Ozzy’s recent interview with Kory Grow for Rolling Stone, Andrew is still fighting the affects of the infection. Here is what Ozzy had to say about Watt:

What music have you been playing lately?

I’m trying to write something new with (Ordinary Man producer) Andrew (Watt), but he had Covid. He was very sick, and he still is. The thing about this fucking Covid thing is, I don’t think they really know what they’re fucking dealing with; it changes. One time, we’re told it’s harmful to older people; now it’s also harmful to young kids. It’s fucking weird.

But (Andrew) was one of the first ones to get it. And he’s still kind of sick with it. He had a good day and a bad day, you know? It fucks your lungs up.

How has writing been going?

We were supposed to be doing it, but he texted me the other day and said, “I have to ask for some time.” I said, “Whenever you’re ready, call me.”

Do you have a lot of song ideas?

I have a couple ideas; not many. With Andrew, it just comes out in the moment. He’s a good guy and a good producer. One of my favorites [from Ordinary Man] is one of the last songs we did, “Today Is the End.” For some reason, that stays in my head a lot.

A&E will be releasing the documentary Biography: The Nine Live Of Ozzy Osbourne this coming Monday. Besides talking about Watt he also discusses not wanting to do more shows with Black Sabbath, looking to regroup with his solo band, and never retiring.

You can read all of Kory Grow’s interview with Ozzy here.

Here’s “All My Life” which was co-written by Andrew Watt, and comes off of Ozzy’s Ordinary Man album:

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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